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Environmental Central Facility (ENVF) has laboratory facilities, environmental monitoring and analytical equipment to support a wide range of analytical methodologies and researches. We are also providing support services to other departments/units for environmental-related experiments and projects.

All HKUST members are welcome to use ENVF's equipment and services. Please read the Policies and Rules before you raise your request. Note that before using the ENVF laboratory services, you need to become a Qualified Registered User (Link content repetitive), and you MUST fulfil the following requirements:

  1. You must be a frequent laboratory user in his/her own department.
  2. You must have completed all the necessary HSEO Mandatory Safety Training Courses.
  3. You must have completed the ENVF's "User Registration Form".

And to become a Qualified Registered User of specific major equipment: 

  1. You must have completed the training course on the specific major equipment provided by ENVF. Or you and your supervisor have completed and signed the User Competent Registration Form

If you are a Qualified Registered Users of the specific major equipment, you may use the ENVF Online Equipment Booking System to obtain the services. Please select the required Services/Equipment from the table and fill in the information accordingly.

Please note that for the Major Analytical Equipment and the major equipment in the Biological Facility, charges will be required to maintain equipment in good working condition.

For long experiments that need extended working hours in ENVF Laboratory, please complete the Extended Hour Form, and you MUST observe all the “Additional rules" for working outside office hours specified in the Policies and Rules.

For enquiries, please get in touch with us at envflab@ust.hk 



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